Change is in the air between Consumer Healthcare and Food Companies

Posted by Amelia Ehrens on Aug 2, 2012 2:40:00 PM

The Nutraceuticals industry has finally emerged - and threatens to destabilize both the traditional packaged food and consumer healthcare industries. We have witnessed enormous pressures in both industries – for example, by private label brands and eroding margins. Fuld’s research shows how two industries combining under pressure is opening a door for nutraceuticals.

Fuld + Company has delivered research for consumer healthcare and consumer packaged goods companies for over 30 years, yet we rarely see a relatively new category develop. As pharma’s core business is threatened by generics and increasing competition, can consumer healthcare opportunities, such as nutraceuticals, help reignite growth? Will consumer packaged goods companies better understand this market opportunity and assume first-mover advantage?

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Leonard M. Fuld


Topics: Consumer Goods, Pharma, Life Sciences

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