Defending Market Share in Pharma

Posted by Fuld + Company on Mar 18, 2016 9:49:49 AM

Pharmaceutical firms frequently need to defend their market position against rivals’ competitive strategy. Threats to leading therapies can come in many forms:

  • A structurally similar compound or generic variant is entering the market, aiming to compete with your brand on efficacy, safety, or price
  • A drug with a new mechanism of action has generated considerable excitement, and patients are expected to switch to the novel drug
  • An established product in a related indication may be moving into your market due to a label expansion
  • An existing competitor has begun targeting your product with negative claims

Competitive intelligence (CI) and strategic planning provide pharmaceutical firms with actionable counter-measures to protect market share, retain customers, and minimize the impact of aggressive direct competition:


Protect Market Share from New Market Entrants


Restrict Competitor Product Launch


Maintain Market Dominance


Fuld + Company helps clients defend market share through the following services:


 Our analysts have experience in a variety of therapeutic areas:

 Fuld + Co. Life Sciences Expertise

Additional micro case studies of successful market position defense (click to expand):

Protect Market Share amidst Generic Launch     MCS002     MCS009


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