Developing R&D Strategy for Industrial Goods

Posted by Fuld + Company on Mar 31, 2016 4:48:40 PM

For companies developing an R&D strategy in industrial goods and infrastructure, competitive intelligence provides unique insights into competitors’ existing and potential R&D interest, capabilities, technology bets, and expected outcomes. Comparing rival R&D strategies to market needs and expectations provides a reality check on the feasibility and potential value of your future R&D programs. 

Strategic planning integrated with competitive and market intelligence can:

  • Differentiate product portfolios from those of compettors
  • Fuel product innovation and long-term product strategy through scenario planning
  • Evaluate attractive M&A targets based on their development pipelines

 Compare R&D Priorities and IP Strategy - Specialty Chemicals Company


Prepare for 21st Century Population Growth - Global Conglomerate


Narrow the Field of Suitable M&A Candidates - Metal Fabrication Company


Fuld + Company help firms developing raw materials, component parts, fixed equipment and machinery, and structural technologies evaluate the capacities of rival companies and assess growth opportunities through the following services:

RC_Research + Analysis    Growth Analytics    RC_Scenario Planning



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