Meeting Emerging Competitive Threats Head On

Posted by Fuld + Company on Feb 29, 2016 3:50:55 PM

For companies needing to understand, and potentially neutralize, an emerging competitive threat, sound competitive intelligence (CI) lays the foundation for unbiased strategic advice.

CI clarifies the nature and severity of the challenge so that you can develop actionable contingency plans and counter-measures to dampen the impact of the emerging threat before it fully materializes.  

Emerging competitive threats can take many forms:

  • An improved technology or drug with a novel mechanism of action is generating positive buzz
  • A competitor from overseas is rumored to be expanding into the market
  • A simpler, cheaper, or more convenient product has started gaining market share despite its overall inferiority (low-end disruption)
  • An innovative business model is addressing a market that was not previously served and has the potential to draw customers away from established models (new-market disruption)

Rather than waiting for the other shoe to drop, companies can take proactive measures when faced with emerging competitive threats:




Get Ahead of New Competition


Avoid Blind-Side Product Threats


Our clients dealt with emerging competitive threats by engaging Fuld + Co. for the following services:


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