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Posted by Fuld + Company on Feb 10, 2016 1:59:50 PM

Strategic ConsultingWar Gaming and Scenario Planning are essential tools when laying the groundwork of a company's strategy. These activities uncover threats and opportunities presented by the external environment. They help role-play the competition, revealing weaknesses that may not be visible from an internal perspective. They break participants out of rote patterns of thought, forcing confrontation with shifting markets or disruptive technologies. They stress-test existing strategy and suggest new courses of action.

To piece together the insights gained by these tools into a cohesive plan, whether starting from scratch or adapting existing strategy, is no easy task. There are many stakeholders to consider, from senior leaders to working-level professionals, and tough choices to be made. Too often, strategic planning can be a disappointing process.

Even with all the pieces of the puzzle laid out, aligning intelligence, tactics, logistics, and long-term goals into a strategic plan presents a challenge. View our new one sheet on Strategic Consulting to learn how Fuld + Co. approaches this challenge:

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