New White Paper! Competitor Crazy Ivans

Posted by Fuld + Company on Nov 5, 2015 1:17:41 PM

Will Ramius pull a Crazy Ivan?What do soviet submarines, Sean Connery, and competitive intelligence have in common?

Our latest white paper Competitor Crazy Ivans reveals the connection.



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Anchored by concrete examples from client experiences, CEO and President Ken Sawka outlines how seemingly irrational actions from competitors can overturn assumptions, spur insights, and inform robust competitive strategies.

Radical competitor moves can be alarming. Rather than letting fear drive your organization's decisions, develop a strategic plan to steer clear of denial or panic. By anticipating and studying competitor activity, you can be ready when "Competitor Crazy Ivans" come.


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Topics: Early Warning Monitoring, Fuld + Company, Competitive Strategy

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